[CNN Wannabe] Lindside, WV, Day 2 Update: Horrifying murder of Plucky Pullet still unsolved. Leads have dried up; not one new peep from nearby residents. DNA evidence went to the grave with Plucky upon shoveling of henhouse floor but today searchers noted that the grave has been disturbed. A trail of Plucky’s feathers led to the boundary of the property (fenced by a 2X4 inch grid cattle wire fence). A local possum has been named a mammal of interest today and a red fox den with five pups was discovered nearby. Grandma’s Security officials continue to scratch around but caution against jumping to conclusions. 

In a possibly related story, the silkie hen’s disappearance is becoming accepted in the barnyard. Although the Investigators believe that Sheep Bob, a ram that shares the lot, could qualify as a sex offender, he is not currently registered and that sort of fowl play may not be involved. Both fainting goats in the same neighborhood, Emily and Raven, are believed to be witnesses of the kidnapping but are both too large to enter the henhouse door as is Big Al the Alpaca. At this time, Al appears to be delusional, possibly showing signs of shock. Emily and Raven have referred any further questions to their attorney Ms. Helen Highwater who is famous for stonewalling investigations. At this time, the strongest lead is the aforementioned fox den but this day’s work in the field was certainly nothing to crow about.

Security is high at the henhouse. All residents are inside and the door latch is secured at sunset. Stay tuned as the story develops.