This week’s events have me fairly walking on air. Pharell’s “Happy” song is running through my head as is the “Be Happy” tune long ago sung by Bobby McFerrin.  The world smells like wildflowers and mown grass and if the wind would stop blowing it would be a spring day to enjoy outside!

In addition, the writing that has invaded every waking hour of the past year [Dr. Dickason’s biography] is complete and I dared to send it to a NC publisher on Easter Sunday afternoon.  I guess it was a good time to get my nerve up and I was prepared to wait two months, but heard back the next morning.  They didn’t want it, but it was because I think it is a Young Adult book and they don’t publish Young Adult books.  DUH on my part.  I should’ve looked more carefully.  BUT … they suggested another publisher who might, just might, be interested in the story!!! SO, the wait begins again but I was encouraged by a return email and am optimistically walking on air.  [Wish I could bottle this feeling and sprinkle it on later when things are not as wonderful.]