The new year, 2017, stretches out in front of us like a new composition notebook, a path in the woods, a blank check…shoot, like anything shiny and new.
I did some after Christmas shopping with time saving technology in mind. First, a deck chair for a sheep was purchased. It hooks over the fence and you back up the sheep until they sit down in it, then they can get a manicure or pedicure, haircut, shots, just about anything gets easier. The catalog photo of a contented sheep sold it.  Considering an electronic door for the chickens.  It has a light sensor and opens and closes with the sun.  It’s a bit pricey, but as soon as I get a good payday…

On smaller fronts, I am enjoying fresh new calendars, on computer screens and on the kitchen wall.  We just pile them up year after year on the wall in honor of Great Uncle Joe.  He did the same thing on the back of his outside door. I forget the details, but a state trooper was knocking on his door which frightened Uncle Joe and he got the gun.  Either the fearsome WV trooper, Officer Trupo, fired through the door from outside OR Uncle Joe fired from inside, but the end of the story is clearer.  Years of calendars were thick enough to stop the bullet in the door. No one got hurt.  Both men were awfully mad, but no one got hurt.

Also loving a push button door knob.  I don’t have to keep up with a key!  When I forget phone, wallet, watch, car keys or whatever, I can go back to the house with no key.  Love it!

In looking forward, I hope the blank calendar dates, headlines,  “Dear Diary” pages and blogs are all filled with “LOL”s and exclamation points showing lots of fun and happiness in the year to come.