In the last two weeks or so there have been over 25 lambs  (I’ve lost count) born out in our red barn. Some have died in their first hours and some have been rejected and became bottle babies but far more have survived and are darling. We have learned that a healthy lamb is up on it’s feet and trying to nurse within a few minutes.  If not, it can’t nurse and it won’t make it.  We’ve also learned that if mom rejects a baby by butting it or not letting it nurse, it’s chance of survival goes way down.

We’ve met two incredible women who have taken on the sleep deprivation and potential heartbreak of bottle feeding newborns. Thank you to Claudia Sammons and Annie Hill.  They are rock star nurturers in my book.

Almost as fun as the lambs frolicking are the grandkids chasing along behind them, trying to be quick enough to capture a lamb to pet for a minute then return it to their concerned mama.

It is finally spring.  All’s right in our world.