How quickly 2018 flew by!  And yet, how far away last spring seems in the evolution of the earth and our humble lives. Every beautiful day, every kindness, and even every conflict shapes growth, even in the construction of personality. My year is surely reflected in my writing and my latest book, Pick Your Poison, is no different. The decisions we all make, to fight, to smile, or to do nothing at all further our growth. Even the writing about our lives adds to the process of change, calming for me. At any rate, the year is winding down, I have a new book and am happily sharing it at three December events:

December 1- Appalachian Arts and Gifts Open House, 10-4 (Peterstown, WV)

December 8- Peterstown Middle School Crafts Show, 8-2

December 14- Monroe County Library 11-4    (Union, WV)

Stop by, buy a book, or just chew the fat with me about life and another year passing.