Book Club Members

Members of the RTFB Club

     Linda Zirkle of the RTFB Book Club was kind enough to invite me to speak about the Stella and Jonas series last week. The night of the meeting, I was tired after teaching school and apprehensive about meeting new, possibly stilted people. I couldn’t have been more wrong about this book club! They were the kindest, funniest, most welcoming group of women you could imagine!

     There was little I could add to their understanding of Stella and Jonas – I even learned about my own characters through their eyes. In fact, Stella would have fit right in with the mischief and fun in this group.  It was a delightful evening; I smile remembering the laughter and the exchange of who taught where/when conversations. I had known Linda and Sharon and maybe Deb before, but it felt like I had known them all for years.

     Linda had fixed a lovely homemade meal, topped with made-from-scratch coconut macaroons, just like in the book. Delicious!

     The figurative icing on the cake was that these women were following our pipeline fight and supported it. They volunteered to come to the next rally! [Note: this is certainly not a subject for every living room.] I was in absolute heaven and didn’t want the evening to end.

     Thank you one and all. Cheers to books and wild women everywhere!  May we have them as friends, read about them, and be them!