Since August 2019, I have been working on a new book, a biography (even though I resolved to never write another after Dr. Dickason’s story was completed). Somehow I knew I was going to be asked to do this and I was just as sure that I would say no. I simply did not have enough time. But when this charming man, Dr. William B. Robertson, shook my hand and really did ask, I lost all power to control my words. Somebody else used my voice to say, “I’d be honored.” ┬áSeven months later, we are nearly done. Next week, together, we will go through the manuscript and correct and polish. He started writing his life story nearly 50 years ago. It tells of politics and black history over six decades and is a call to action for Americans to unite and do away with inequities that still exist.

Whatever possessed me to do this was right. I am filled with honor as we near completion.

William B. Robertson 1970, Virginia Capitol steps

William B. Robertson, about 1970, steps of the Virginia Capitol Building

Dr. Robertson at the podium: Bluefield State Library dedication

Dr. William B. Robertson 2019

Bluefield State College Library Sign

Bluefield State College Library Sign