I have discovered that a pandemic is good for something – staying home and writing!

1970: William B. Robertson, Special Assistant to former Virginia governor, Linwood Holton.

The book I described earlier, America, Lift Every Voice and Sing Together, is off to a publisher as the acquisition process begins. It tells the back story of one man’s plea to this country to treat all races equally and with respect. The subject of the book, Dr. William B. Robertson, has been speaking and working on the issues that fill our street today since 1970! I have been honored to work with such a man. This is his biography, a memoir with a vision.

One of the gorgeous Queen Anne homes in Monroe County, near Greenville, WV.

The second book is nearly completed. It has been sent to the editors and I am finalizing the photo captions and credits, a job that has required many hours (I will be taking better notes next time I have photographs to credit!). It doesn’t have a title yet, co-author Fred Ziegler and I haven’t come up with one. For now, I call it Hundred Year Old Houses: The Work of John Campbell Miller. It describes 50+ buildings in Monroe County, WV that he built. Many of them still stand, from churches, to schools, to Craftsman Cottages to Victorian Queen Anne style residences. This has been such an interesting project – my job was to find them, photograph them and find out about the people who lived there or still live there. What fun!