Take my hand and let’s go back into in southern West Virginia’s history; we’ll walk with Henry Lake, grandson of slaves, as he quenches his thirst for learning and becomes “somebody.”

For the last two years, it has been my great pleasure to piece together the life of a man who lived a bit before our time (I was 4 years old when he died) just around the mountain from us on Peters Mountain near Lindside, WV. Henry Lake Dickason’s life, from a rough cabin to the President’s mansion at two colleges, was one of success in spite of the obstacles placed in his path by society.  I was driven to tell his story, mostly because it was inspirational and partly because his story is not well-known even in his hometown. A reader commented recently that as she read, she began turning each page gently, as though it was sacred. That’s the way I felt as I wrote. 

Let me introduce Stella, a West Virginia mountain woman. She’s faced down a bunch of troubles that life has thrown in her way. Did it all with a pretty dramatic flair, too. She’s complicated. Even though she taught Sunday school for years, from time to time she packs a “Pink Lady” pistol. She dearly loves her animals, but nearly shot her own brother, in church, no less.

You can’t meet Stella without meeting Jonas, either, a big bearded Inupiaq guy that just swept her off her feet. Together they try to do right, seek God in their lives, take care of family and be as honest as they can, which is a challenge. After waiting nearly 30 years to marry, they travel to the Arctic for Stella to meet his family. And what a family! If Jonas’ family wasn’t enough of a handful, Stella’s brother Timmy Lee and his meanness continues to plague the daylights out of the happy couple.

So far, there are two books in this series, Tales of Stella and Jonas, and one more to go. The two books that are published, Drunk on Peace and Quiet and Hung Over with Grandma are available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble (links below) or if Hung Over with Grandma coveryou’re anywhere near southern West Virginia, message me and we’ll figure out a way to get you an autographed copy.

Y’all come back, ya hear… stop by any time and holler at me (leave a comment).

‘Pick Your Poison’ Earns Award!

I am happy to announce that my latest book, “Pick Your Poison” is an award winner! “We are excited to announce that the book “Pick Your Poison" has won the Bronze/3rd Place award in the 2019 Feathered Quill Book Awards Program for the Romance category! Congratulations...

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Step right up! Sale! Savings Galore!

In the weeks before Christmas, my personal email account is chock full of so-called bargains. I giggle and scroll at some of the products selected for my viewing, like exotic cigars and remote control helicopters. But, some of the offers are solid and just what I want...

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The Latest: Pick Your Poison

It's that time!  The third novel in the Stella and Jonas series will be available this week! Titled Pick Your Poison, it continues the adventures of Stella alongside her hubby Jonas in the mountains of West Virginia. They are apprehensive about the reappearance of her...

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I See the Light!

The third book in the Stella and Jonas series is nearly finished! I say that knowing there will be dozens of more hours spent editing and formatting, but the end is near. The story is coming to a close and I think Stella is happy. She has been a great companion and...

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My friend, Mary Ross

Miss Mary Mary Beatrice Hargro Ross, my good friend,  passed away the day after her 87th birthday, back in January.  I had known her for nearly forty years. Her health failed suddenly.  Mary was one of the few people still with us who had known Dr. H.L.Dickason, the...

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Monroe County Historical Society Wine and Cheese Party

I was honored to be asked to sign my latest book, Try and Be Somebody," at the annual Monroe County Historical Society Wine and Cheese Party at Salt Sulphur Springs, WV.  Over a hundred people attended, some in Civil War era clothing.  The setting was delightful:...

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Dr. Dickason Links

Want to find out more about Dr. Dickason, the subject of my latest,Try and Be Somebody? Check out these links: http://www.bdtonline.com/gallery/video-dr-henry-lake-dickason-honored-in-lindside-sunday-may/video_88e655cc-07e4-11e5-93b6-cbf4e25b8242.html...

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Fall Book Signings

The evening air cools down quickly these days as the sun retreats below the mountains.  Brightly colored maple leaves carpet our yard and the football announcer can be heard as we drive through Peterstown on Saturday nights. Fall is here! I look forward to the whirl...

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Bluefield State College Founder’s Day

Bluefield State College Founders Day Celebration Such a beautiful day on Friday, both outside and inside the BSC Student Union. It was an honor to take part in the Founders Day program and heart-warming to meet those who had known Dr. Dickason.  We sold several copies...

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